• remote control and access your PC or smart devices(need load HAR project or DIY it) by mobile phone anytime, anywhere. It is also provides intelligent automation management for smart devices on server.
  • load HAR project from friends or vendors of smart devices, apply to iPhone/iPad, Android, J2ME/Java mobile phone, it is not required to restart server.
    HAR project includes controller, UI panel[Mlet], batch script, mobile menu for smart devices/PC for mobile phone. when mobile is connecting PC server, it will be displayed on mobile as menu, controller, UI panel, it helps user to monitor and control PC and smart devices interactively and automatically. It is based on powerful JRuby program language, and provides more robust interactive control of remote PC and smart devices(thermostat, sensor, air conditioning...).
  • it is easy to develop HAR project on HomeCenter server for intelligent devices(alert, sensor, lights Apps).
    Note: the jar driver lib of there smart devices are NOT included in HomeCenter server.
  • Certification of mobile phone keep you away from any dangerous network.
  • open source, licensed under MPL 1.1(Mozilla Public License). User data is stored local.
  • add customized shortcut keys for mobile One-Click.
  • support touch screen, using stylus to feel more easily and more comfortable.
  • in touch screen, It is easy to mouse move, click, double click, right click, drag and drop, zoom.
  • input text from mobile to PC, and Copy text from PC to mobile.
  • Innovative User Encryption API extends security ability.
  • pure Java, Run on Android, symbian(support J2ME/KJava), Windows, Linux(Fedora, Ubuntu), Unix, Mac OS, Solaris and some BlackBerry (if Windows CE/Mobile here).
  • support many languages. English, العربية, Deutsch, Español, Français, ภาษาไทย, हिन्दी, Italiano, 日本語, 한국어, Русский, 中文简体, 繁體...